New Moon Stack

New Moon Stack

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A stack for the energy of the New Moon, or Dark Moon. 

The New Moon is the perfect time to plant seeds of intention for the coming month. Use this bracelet as a Talisman of your intentions by speaking them into the stones on the night of the New Moon. Then wear and carry the vibrations of your creativity with you. 

SANDALWOOD | A feminine and softly grounding wood. | It's said that it is one of the closest in nature to represent a scent that arises from within during the depth of meditation. | It gives warmth to the personality and encourages resilience, compassion and connection.

BLACK ONYX | Aids in prophecy and connecting with spirits. Cleanses negativity and pollution from the aura and psyche. Deeply magic. Powerfully protective.

MANTRA: AAP SAHAEE HOA | Let's you penetrate the unknown without fear. | It will give you protection and mental balance. | Cuts Negativity inside and out. | Draws in abundance.

  • 3 stretch bracelets 7.5", fits most wrists 
  • 8mm Sandalwood
  • 8mm Faceted Onyx
  • Silver plated brass accents