Only Love Is Real Bracelet - Mantras + Miracles

Only Love Is Real Bracelet

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Inspired by MC Yogi jam sessions. The Only Love is Real bracelet features luxuriously fragrant sandalwood and semiprecious gemstone beads. Infused with Kundalini Yoga mantra to create a potent and unique vibration.

➳ African Turquoise (turquoise) with Sa Ta Na Ma for evolution 

➳ Lapis (dark blue) with Ong Namo for wisdom 

➳ Sodalite (medium blue) with Sat Narayan for peace 

➳ Amethyst (purple) with Guru Ram Das for miracles 

➳ Peach Moonstone (peach) with Wahe Jio for joy 

➳ White Turquoise (white) with Aad Guray Nameh for protection

  • 8mm fragrant sandalwood
  • 8mm semiprecious gemstone beads
  • 7.5" stretch fits most wrists