Prana Mala
Prana Mala

Prana Mala

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The Prana Mala invokes a transcendent relationship to your source of vitality. Prana is the life force vitality. We collect prana from the air, our breath, light and food. This gives us the essence of living. 

"Blessed are they who are intimate with their Breath, for they shall receive the ‘I Can’ of the Universe." – The Beatitudes

WHITE TURQUOISE | Also known as Magnesite. Protection. Peace. Calm.

MOONSTONE | A beautiful feminine stone that reflects within it the magical healing qualities of the moons vibration. Calms and soothes. A stone for hoping and wishing. Enhances psychic abilities.

MOTHER OF PEARL | Protection. Relaxing and calming. Fulfills wishes. Supports emotional fulfillment.

MANTRA: PAVAN PAVAN | Pavan Pavan Pavan Pavan Par Para Pavan Guru Pavan Guru Wahe Guru Wahe Guru Pavan Guru. This mantra increases the pranic energy and gives the experience of “may the force be with you.”. "Whoever recites this mantra becomes absolutely divine, God in action... This mantra incrases the pranic energy.  There is no better healing than this." - Yogi Bhajan

  • 6mm White Turquoise beads
  • Mother of Pearl horn
  • Moonstone with Gold Vermeil
  • Gold Vermeil two sided lotus/OM charm
  • Vermeil accents
  • Hand knotted on silk