Prosperity + Magnetism 40 Day Group Sadhana (NEW START!)
Prosperity + Magnetism 40 Day Group Sadhana (NEW START!)
Prosperity + Magnetism 40 Day Group Sadhana (NEW START!)
Prosperity + Magnetism 40 Day Group Sadhana (NEW START!)
Prosperity + Magnetism 40 Day Group Sadhana (NEW START!)

Prosperity + Magnetism 40 Day Group Sadhana (NEW START!)

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Join me (Sevapreet) for a live 40 day Kundalini Yoga sadhana to enhance your magnetism and activate prosperity.

Together we'll embark on a 40 day sadhana of Gyan Chakra Kriya to clear the arcline and aura, clear karmic and familial blocks and activate our total radiance and magnetism. 

The practice of Gyan Chakra Kriya is incredibly potent and only takes 11 minutes.

Yogi Bhajan calls this kriya "the most sacred kriya of the yogis"!

“People had a capacity to change their life from a pauper to a prince, and they still do it. They have found a secret. They have found a secret to enlarge their halo. So their brightness can attract all the opportunities and they can have prosperity.” - Yogi Bhajan

During our first class, I will give you full instructions for your sadhana. You also will receive a recorded video to play any time for your convenience. And we will practice together once a week live online. If you can't make the live times, all classes will be recorded and available for download.

Also included is a Facebook group so that you can check in, ask questions and support each other.

This course is perfect for seasoned yogis as well as those brand new to Kundalini Yoga! 

What this sadhana does:

  • Clears your dharmic path
  • Clears and cleans the arcline and the aura
  • Clears familial and social patterning
  • Clears karma and the ancestral line
  • Cleans the subconscious
  • Rewrites your destiny
  • Activates megawatt magnetism and radiance
  • Calls in prosperity
  • Removes blocks and struggle
  • Enhances intuition for crystal clear guidance and messages

The practice of a 40 day sadhana can create deep and profound shifts. Doing it together makes a sometimes daunting commitment much easier. The group energy supports and elevates each individual participant. 

    The details:

    • DATES: First class (full) Friday, August 10th 9:30 AM PT. Online group meditations: 8/15, 8/23, 8/31, 9/8, 9/13, 9/18 all at 9:30 AM PT (US).
    • All classes will be recorded and available for download if you cannot make the live time.
    • 1 full class online with Sevapreet with your sadhana mediation and time for questions (approx 45 min)
    • 1 x week live meditations online (approx 15 min) 
    • A video download of your sadhana so that you can practice on your own
    • FB group for peer support + accountability 

    "Day 2 complete here in the sacred California desert. My arms are on fire but my heart is full! Last night my husband got a major job offer out of the blue and this morning we received extra money in our account. But beyond monetary issues, true richness comes from embracing the inner light of awareness and spreading that light outward. Thank you Sevapreet Hesser for this beautiful sadhana and collective community. Sat Nam!" - Cassidy

    "I feel stronger, more empowered and finding it much easier to speak my truth... I have three more new clients which have just come to me organically, I have won a small amount in Lotto three times in the last three weeks and received a cheque that I was not expecting. The other news is that I have had the opportunity to buy a property on 10 acres which I can use as a beautiful yoga space and retreat centre - this has been my absolute dream for many years and it has all come about so organically... It’s pretty amazing and almost unbelievable that this is happening but so exciting and everything is absolutely right about it. My intuition and creative expression has definitely amplified." - Student 

    *Please take a minute to read the many, many testimonials for this course by scrolling to the bottom of THIS page. 

    Starts August 10th!

    Questions? Shoot me an email!

    Want more? Upgrade to the VIP package for $349 which provides ONE hour long private session with me (value of $175), email support for the length of the sadhana (value of $150) and the course (value $44). * Please note that VIP upgrade is limited to 8 participants. 

    IMPORTANT: You will receive a course welcome email within 24 hours of purchase. If you do not see your email please check SPAM, promotion and trash folders and search your inboxes for "". If you still cannot find it, please email us at