Solar Chart

Solar Chart

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Solar Chart with Athena Shakti

Every year, your planets shift around to show you what you need to know. They will tell you of coming challenges or issues resolved. They will let you know of loves lost or found. They will give you advance notice of fortunes coming or pits to avoid.

Every year, your planets sit down at a tea party and give you all the heads up you need for an entire cycle. It is yet another map given out by the stars, a map that is purely yours. As a seeker and a teacher, I have yet to find a tool as valuable for long-term casting. This one reading, done every year, has the potential to open your eyes into the future of this coming solar cycle so that you can make plans, be forewarned, and navigate your life with skill.

(You will need birth date, time, and location of where you are on the birthday.)

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