ONE Bracelet


The ONE Bracelet celebrates the many expressions of the divine life in all of us. Sandalwood gives a soft feminine energy, Black Lava balances the masculine and keeps you fierce and strong. 

STONE: SANDALWOOD | A feminine and softly grounding wood. It's said that it is one of the closest in nature to represent a scent that arises from within during the depth of meditation. It gives warmth to the personality and encourages resilience, compassion and connection.

STONE: BLACK LAVA | Ancient warriors wore Black Lava to stay calm in battle. Calms, yet also supports intense energy when needed. Considered to be a stone of rebirth and shedding unneeded layers of emotional attachment.

THE DETAILS: This piece of jewelry has been activated with sacred yogic mantra and Reiki energy to enhance your aura and create a potent vibrational field.  

  • 8mm Sandalwood+ Black Lava
  • 24K Gold plated brass accents
  • Stretch elastic 
  • 7.5"

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