Warrior's Heart Bracelet
Warrior's Heart Bracelet

Warrior's Heart Bracelet

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The Warrior's Heart Bracelet is the original Mantras + Miracles men's bracelet. A very masculine style, but full of love.

STONE: BLACK LAVA | Ancient warriors wore Black Lava to stay calm in battle. | Calms, yet also supports intense energy when needed. | Considered to be a stone of rebirth and shedding unneeded layers of emotional attachment.

STONE: TIGERS EYE | A stone for strength and courage. | Believed to increase inner strength, helping a person bring his ideas into reality. | Enhances the masculine principle. | Stimulates your ability to manifest your most ardent desires.

MANTRA: CHATTR CHAKKR VARTEE | A mantra for strength and courage. | Brings you victory.

  • 8mm Black Lava
  • 8mm Tiger's Eye
  • Sterling Silver bead
  • Size S/M 8" 
  • Size L = 9"