The Yogi
The Yogi

The Yogi

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The M+M Yogi necklace features a reversible OM/Lotus to remind you of your connection to inner peace whenever you need it. 

INTENTION: Calm, Connection to higher Self, Awakening.

SYMBOL: OM | The beginning sound of creation. All that is. 

SYMBOL: LOTUS | A symbol of peace and perseverance. The lotus rises from the mud. 

STONE: CLEAR QUARTZ | Balances and cleanses the chakras. A powerful catalyst for awakening spirtual energy within you. Works to enhance all other energies.
MANTRA: WAHE GURU | This mantra represents the shift from darkness to light or ignorance to bliss. The indescribable ecstasy of awakening.
Artisan made and activated with sacred yogic mantra and Reiki energy for a powerful effect on your auric field.
  • Reversible charm in 24K gold vermeil
  • Clear Quartz bead
  • 24" Vermeil chain