Jessica Hesser

"Her work is so needed in this world as so many people, women in particular, are disconnected from themselves and what they're capable of. The embodiment that she is about to bring to light in even one session (let alone a whole series!!) is profound." ~ Dr. Ashlee Greer

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My Temple is Anywhere

My Temple is Anywhere

My temple is anywhere I have breathMy worship to attend to the spacebetween inhale and exhaleI need no religion, no yoga, no ritualAll is hereGod...

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The Heart of Holy Darkness


Online immersion Starts January 23rd

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"I truly believe that this work is what we need, slowing down, connecting with the body and the breath... I am forever grateful to you because you have opened my eyes to healing in a beautiful way." - Angela 

Online Courses

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“Moving, inspiring, and sacred experience. Thank you..." - Private Client 

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"You will never be the same after this experience." - Ketty 

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Ethically sourced

We love the earth + its people so we only sell crystals that come from private collections or can be directly sourced from sustainable suppliers.

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