Jessica Hesser (Sevapreet)

"Her work is so needed in this world as so many people, women in particular, are disconnected from themselves and what they're capable of. The embodiment that she is about to bring to light in even one session (let alone a whole series!!) is profound." ~ Dr. Ashlee Greer

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When I was maybe eighteen I was sent to a treatment center. I’d been arrested and it was part of a plea agreement. My first day there another g...

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Kundalini Yoga

"Powerful, transformational, divine. These are the words that come to mind after 90 mins of Kundalini with Sevapreet." ~ Justine Ma, Wellness Coach, NYC


private Sessions

“Moving, inspiring, and sacred experience. Thank you..." - Private Client 

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'You will never be the same after this experience." - Ketty 

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